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TechCamp, Painting, GeoGebra…

We’re really getting down to the end of the year…hang in there!

  • Take a look at this flyer for TechCamp 2008 (pdf), which is happening August 19 & 20.  Things are shaping up for what we hope will be an annul event to kick off the school year with new technology skills and expertise.  I’d like to encourage you to pass on the flyer to your colleagues who might not be on this list.  The hands-on sessions will be very practical, not just for techies.  Some of the topics include:
  • Internet sites for early elementary students
  • Interactive projects with PowerPoint
  • Improving literacy with free web applications
  • Creating digital stories
  • Best practices for computer labs
  • Publishing student work on the Internet
  • Using interactive whiteboards

You can register online by going to http://tech-camp.pbwiki.com.  Hope you see you there!

  • I like highlighting free software…here is another photo editing application much like Photoshop.  Paint.NET is a Windows-only program that contains all the standard image editing features.  It’s worth looking into…or you can pay for Photoshop.  🙂
  • You math teachers might already now about GeoGebra, but it was news to me when I saw it.  This geometry application runs on all platforms and has many easy to use features.  It also has a community wiki for help with lessons, ideas, etc.
  • It’s seems too early to think that kids will be moaning, “I’m bored.”  But here are 101 Things to Do This Summer…use it to escort your students into summer.

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  1. I have created a lot of GeoGebra Tutorial here:


    you may want to check it out.

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