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Last WWWs…

Holy Smokes! The end is here…well, for me anyway. 😉 This is the last of the Weekly Web Wonders for 2007-2008. I hope you’ve enjoyed them and have been able to use them to accomplish Great Things. Have a terrific summer…I’ll be back in the fall with more tricks and tidbits to tally to your technology toolbox…totally!

  • Again, I’m attaching the flyer for TechCamp 2008, which is happening August 19 & 20. This hands-on conference is going to be a great experience for everyone involved. If you have not yet registered, there is still time. You can register online by going to http://tech-camp.pbwiki.com. Hope you see you there!
  • Our summer professional development offerings are now online. To view and to register, just follow this short and easy to read link!
  • If you don’t yet have a classroom web site, then consider using Google Sites. Google Sites is an extremely easy to use tool that will help you design and create pages you can use with your students and parents next year.
  • Even though it’s the end of the year, you still want your students to use their brains. Point them to Conceptis Logic Puzzles…it should keep their little gears whizzing along
  • I hate to pass on some of the best sites at the end of the year…there’s not much time to use them! So the last thing I’ll leave you with is a list of Google Products that you can use. Take some time to explore them this summer, find one that you hadn’t used before, and make a plan to use it in the fall.

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