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TechCamp Spotlight: Web Tools for Teachers with Emma Haygood

SpotlightWith the school year just winding down, it may be difficult (and painful!) to look ahead to August and the beginning of a new school year. What may make the thought of the beginning of school is knowing you’ll have lots of new technology tricks up your sleeve…tricks you learned from attending TechCamp on August 19 & 20.

Throughout the summer up until TechCamp, I’ll be highlighting some of the scheduled sessions and presenters to give you a taste of the opportunities that await you.

If you have one of those people in your building (or if you are that person), to whom everyone turns to for technology assistance, then you have a pretty good picture of Emma Haygood. Emma teaches at Berrien Springs Middle School and has become a Jill-of-all-Trades. Along with teaching science and technology classes, Emma updates her Scientific Shamrock blog regularly with resources as well as summaries of the cool activities her classes are completing. She also is a member of the Discovery Educator Network…she’s a Discovery Education Streaming expert!

One of the two sessions Emma is facilitating at TechCamp is Web Tools for Teachers

Do you like the word FREE?? This session will show you sites on the web that will enhance student learning and not cost you a dime. Perfect for all grade levels and content areas.

Emma is a real teacher who actually uses the web tools she’ll highlight, not some desk-bound schmuck at the local educational service agency.  She really knows what she’s talking about!  Take a look at some of the activities she has worked on with her students.

There are a lot of reasons to come to TechCamp and Emma Haygood is definately one of them.  She’ll be joined by a host of other educators to bring TechCamp participants the best possible professional development and get you ready for the new year!


2 Responses

  1. Sweet, can’t wait for TechCamp!

    Will the final schedule be up soon; I’m anxious to see what’s going to be offered 🙂

  2. Soon! I’m collecting a couple more descriptions…

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