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TechCamp Spotlight: netTrekker

Last January I had the opportunity to listen to and participate in a short session on the benefits of using netTrekker. At the time, I hadn’t really thought much about netTrekker because (I thought) it’s a subscription-based service and I didn’t really like the idea of pushing a product. Thankfully the session enlightened me…


netTrekker is an education search engine…searching through it’s own database of public web sites. What makes netTrekker unique is that each resource has been reviewed and deemed appropriate and relevant by educators. The goal is to minimize time teachers and students spend searching through meaningless or inappropriate sites.

OK…the point…every teacher in Michigan has been provided access to netTrekker through Michigan LearnPort. Now, there’s a lot to say about Michigan LearnPort, but for today it’s only important to know that Michigan teachers can log in and complete professional development and other activities as well as gain access to netTrekker’s database of curriculum and standards matched sites and resources. Wow, that netTreker for free!

I’m very pleased to welcome Dawn Crawford from netTrekker to TechCamp to share with us how teachers can effectively implement netTrekker’s capabilities. It was Dawn who lead the session I attended in January and I thought she did a terrific job…that’s why I invited her to share her expertise at TechCamp. Welcome Dawn!


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