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TechCamp Spotlight: Tonya Kimmerly has Google Galore!

It’s no secret that I love using Google applications and I think they have a wonderful place in the classroom.  As many districts are having to cut budgets, it’s hard to argue with…FREE Tools…and Google has created a bunch.  In addition, we’re to the point now where we pretty sure that Google isn’t a fly by night company…they’re going to around along time and have the datacenter capabilities of keeping all your information safe.  So there’s no reason not to take what they’re offering!

That’s why I’m excited that Tonya Kimmerly is going to lead a session entitled Google Galore to highlight some of the more useful tools that Google offers for FREE.  Tonya is a teacher at Coloma Middle School and also a district technology leader.  As teachers go…she knows what she’s doing.  In 2007 she was awarded a grant from the Michigan Association of Middle School Educators to provide middle school based staff development.  Awesome!

In a recent interview, Tonya stated that,

As a presenter, I hope that teachers can learn something they can directly apply to better their teaching and increase student involvement in the classroom. It is important that the skill or program be easy enough that the teacher can use it with very little additional training.

That’s exactly what TechCamp is all about!  Learning about and practicing the use of tools as well as developing skills so that students are engaged in their own learning process.  Thanks Tonya!


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