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TechCamp Spotlight: Cindy Liscow is Telling Digital Stories

I’m really looking forward to Cindy Liscow’s session, Digital Storytelling. For one thing, Cindy, who teaches at South Haven’s L.C. Mohr High School, is a great teacher who is willing to try out what might be considered weird and wacky. She’s not afraid of a challenge.

Take this for example…this past spring she told me that her high school doesn’t block MySpace. What?! I thought everyone blocked MySpace..well, she told me the reasoning behind the decision was that it provided opportunities for teachers and students to think about and discuss Internet safety and privacy issues. If they blocked it, then students would simply get their knowledge “from the street,” so to speak. I think this is awesome and very admirable!

Another reason for my anticipation is that Digital Storytelling is a great way for students to “show what they know.” Here’s Cindy’s description of the session:

Engage your students in written expression through multimedia. Students write their own personal story and create a video with pictures and music and add their own voice telling the story . Students love this project.

Absolutely, students love projects such as this one. What I’d like to point out is the phrase, “write their own personal story.” The meat of Digital Storytelling is that it is simply an updated way to encourage and develop student writing!

If you’re interested in attending TechCamp, check out the TechCamp Wiki for information and to register.


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