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TechCamp Spotlight: From Toy to Tool with Liz Kolb

This is a sweet piece of information…TechCamp welcomes Liz Kolb on Wednesday, August 20.  Liz is an up and coming name in instructional technology whose focus is on using cell phones as tools in the classroom.  Here’s the description for her soon-to-be-available book, Toys to Tools.

Toys for Tools discuses how to enhance learning by using the powerful technology of cell phones both inside and outside the classroom. Many, if not most, educators view cell phones as the enemy. Author Liz Kolb sees them as powerful technology in the hands of students. Acknowledging the current reality-at many schools ban student cell phone use in the classroom-Kolb discusses a host of innovative and highly interesting uses for the technology that do not require using the phones in the classroom.

You can explore what Liz’s message is all about by visiting her From Toy to Tool blog.  There she highlights new applications and strategies for using cell phones…toys tools that have become standard issue equipment for today’s adolescents.

Liz will be speaking during Wednesday’s lunch and will follow up her presentation with a hands-on session.  I’ll be posting more details soon.  Make sure to bring your phone!!  Go online to register for TechCamp now!


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