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On the way to NECC…

It’s kind of obligatory to post something as you’re in route to your conference destination, so I’ll throw a few thoughts in. I’m offline now using a blogging tool called Performancing. It pops up a little frame at the bottom of my Firefox window and in theory I could drag and drop items from the web page above into my post. Since I’m not going to pay for what I can get free at McDonald’s, I’ll post this once I’m able.

I’m looking forward to Michelle Moore’s presentation which I believe is tomorrow morning. I can’t remember what it’s called…Making Moodle Exciting or something similar..basically highlighting ways to spice up Moodle courses with both visual and content-oriented tricks. She’s pretty entertaining and definately knows the ins and outs of Moodle.

I received an invitation to preview Inspiration‘s new online version…they’re having multiple preview sessions, I think I signed up for a session Tuesday morning. Whatever they’re calling their online version hopefully will be pretty good…good enough to make someone want to stop using some of the free tools like bubbl.us, Gliffy, MindMeister, or Mindomo. How much will they charge?

I’m trying to member what other sessions I put into my conference planner…featured sessions from Hall Davidson, David Warfield, and others. I want to see what’s going on with streaming video projects using Ustream and others. I think there will be a couple vendors in the area. Got an email from VoiceThread announcing they’re participation, so that’s cool. The big companies are fun to visit, but the smaller guys are better to talk with…more productive!

News Flash…something’s going on with the flight…it’s delayed. I’d better poke my head up and figure out what’s going on.


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