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NECC Session: Energize Your Classroom with Google Tools

NECC Program Description

I thought I might go to Will Richardson’s session, but I think it basically is covering how to use Ustream, so I thought I’d skip over to my other choice. Since it’s being facilitated by a couple folks from Google, they should have some inside information…or at least the latest and greatest and perhaps what’s coming along the pike.

So far, they’re just sharing some of the justification of using Google’s
applications…their “cloud” of data and tools. It’s kind of
dry…they’re addressing a different audience than they might at other
times. Teachers want to see the tools and what they do/how they work.
I think, also, that they jumped around to talk about Google Apps when
I’m not sure if everyone is aware of this program.

Cristin highlighted the use of Google Sites as a tool for centralizing collaborative work. She talked a bit about Arizona State University and how they moved to using Google Apps exclusively…the benefit being that Google can innovate at a rate much, much higher than ASU, or most institutions can. By using Google Apps, educators and students are on the cusp of productivity.

As a tool, Google Docs provides some advantages over a traditional desktop model. For one, the tool is always there…no one has to worry about software installation and licenses. Another advantage…the content doesn’t get lost…it saves automatically as students are working and Google has just a few back-ups!

Teacher’s using Google Docs can be shared as a viewer and therefore can assess student work online…sorting files, adding comments, and watching the document history. A great way to avoid wasted paper and move onine!

It’s unfortunate that thinks are moving along so slowly…probably everyone is this room already knows what Google Docs is and have used it in various ways. Examples and direct application would be more relevant. Cristin and Andrew need to take it to the next level!

The Forms tool in Spreadsheets are probably not as well known…however, I wish they would have done this in real time. How about sharing the document with some of the audience so we can participate? There needs to be more energy! What about a look into the future?


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