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NECC Session: Edtags.org: Academic Social Tagging to Aid Learning and Assessment

NECC Session Description

I didn’t plan on attending this session, but saw that Chris Dede was presenting so thought I’d better check it out.  I’ve seen his name flying across the RSS feeds, but ever paid much attention to he was up to.  What I’m assuming that the presenters are going to be highlighting Edtags.org, which is

…a website for educators (e.g., teachers, education graduate students, professors, librarians, etc.) to connect with people sharing similar interests, discover relevant materials that may have “eluded” the traditional card catalogue search, and store and categorize your favorite bookmarks.

I see that it has a Digg-like feature of being able to vote for a specific web resource to get it to the top of the list.

(David Warlick just passed by looking for power…he found a gal with an interesting power strip.  Watch for that to appear on his blog.)

Chris Dede has started off with some “Things Are Different Today Than They Used To Be” and also some “Kids Connect With Each Other Much More Than They Used To With The Powerful Tools They Have” and continuing with the “What We’re Teaching In Schools Is Not What Students Need.”  OK, we get the picture…

Adam Seldow, a doctoral student, spoke of how social networks are not new…we’re been a part of them for hundreds of years.  And with many sociosemantic platforms (del.icio.us, flickr, etc.) out there, why develop Edtags?

Some characteristics of Edtags…

  • Vote, discuss, email bookmarks
  • Tailored RSS feeds
  • User/tag recommendations
  • Visualizations of how tags and resources are related to each other

Edtags allows users to Search in three ways…Bookmarks, Users, and Tags.  The search and organization…the connections on the site seem to work really well.  I like Edtags, but I’m already using del.icio.us.  It’s hard to jump from one site to another, or have multiple sites going.

The point is that the people who would be saving sites to Edtags are the same types of people…educators.  So the resources and search results and more likely to be relevant.  Adam’s point is that del.icio.us is made up of a different crowd…lots of tech geeks and other folks.  Edtags is a place for educators.


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