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NECC Session: Pandora’s Box: Video Games for Education, Health, and Social Change

NECC Program Description

I’m interested to hear what Jim Brazell has to say about video games.  I’m sure I’m not going to cover this very well, but hopefully will be able to identify some good points and resources.

Today’s Games

  • What’s different about today’s games?  Visual Fidelity…things look almost real, we can’t tell the difference.
  • Procedural Fidelity…very robust simulations embedded in the games…like flight simulators, etc.

Virtual Heroes makes gaming headsets etc. that provide bio information to a game…your heart rate, respiration, etc. and then that will change the environment of the game.  Wow…

Game-based simulations are the new e-learning paradigm.

  • The average game player age is 30.
  • Who plays games online? 56% male, 44% female

Learning Games

  • Water Cooler Games
    Video games with an agenda.
  • Our Courts is a soon-to-be released interactive, problem-based civics lesson.
  • Can you balance the U.S. Budget?  If you can, then you’re a Budget Hero.

Health Games

Be an international journalist in Global Conflicts: Palestine.

Go through a soldier’s basic training (including CPR training) with America’s Army.

Interact and learn while you’re a citizen of Whyville.

As I’m review this post…I didn’t cover it well a I suspected.  However, there are great links here for anyone interested in exploring how games can be learning tools.


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