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Day of Preparation…

Whew!  What a day!  After another week off from work, I returned today for a get-everything-set-up-for-TechCamp marathon.  Now there are four wireless labs in the conference rooms at Berrien RESA and each piece is in place…well, I hope it’s in place.

I created a quick Introduction Video for participants to watch just before the first session.  It stinks.  😉  However, I shot it while on vay-cay in South Haven, so my brain wasn’t working smoothly yet.  It does the job.

A few quick thoughts…

  • I’m very impressed with the amount of time and effort being put into the TechCamp wiki by the presenters.  Awesome!
  • I just returned from picking up my son from football practice…and I happened to swing by Walgreens for some chocolate for the breakout sessions.  Sweet!
  • I’d like to develop a LoJack system for power strips…they’re at a real premium for a conference like this.

That it…time for TechCamp!


One Response

  1. The preparation was well wroth it, Kevin! All of the people I brought down from Mattawan thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we all agreed that for only 35 dollars, we all got a huge bang for our bucks 🙂

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