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TechCamp Reflections

It would be very wrong for me not to give a wrap-up of TechCamp, which has already slipped into the summer fog of memory even though it was only two weeks ago!  Thanks to the Michigan DEN blog for the gracious write-up.  (And thanks for the heads-up, Emma.)

From the evaluations I recieved, it sounds like everyone had a pretty decent experience.  The biggest complaint?  Anyone?  The conference rooms were too cold!  They felt great to me, but I was truckin’ up and down the hall on various errands so was working up a sweat.  I kept thinking that the technology was going to fall to peices at any moment, but every laptop worked well as did our wireless connections.  It made it easier for participants to focus on the content of the presentations instead of, “Why can’t I get anywhere?”

Here are some very nice comments received on the evaluations…it’s OK to toot the horn, right?

I would love to attend another TechCamp.  I feel like I’ve been living in a cave!!!

TechCamp was wonderful!  Like a mini MACUL close to home.  Looking forward to next year.

I enjoyed [TechCamp] very much.  I learned a great deal and will be referencing and sharing the wiki often.  Amazing two days!

Nice comments, eh?  But, without a doubt, TechCamp would not have been very successful had it not been for the excellent presenters we had.  I again want to thank each and every one of them for their time and expertise!  I heard many great comments geared directly to the presenters.  Both Matt Monjan and Liz Kolb, our keynote speakers, received high praise…they were great!

So, what’s in store for next year?  Well, mark your calendars because I made sure to reserve the conference rooms well in advance.  TechCamp 2.0 will be held on August 25 & 26.  That’s a bit later, but Labor Day is actually much later so that affected the scheduling.  Looking forward to it!


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