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Inventions, Snappy Words, Footnotes…

Visit Invention at Play to learn how play – the ordinary and everyday “work of childhood” – connects to the creative impulse of both historic and contemporary inventors. The Invention Playhouse offers opportunities for solving puzzles and games while Inventors’ Stories shares info on how some important inventors got started.

Snappy Words is an interesting online visual dictionary…it shows the connections between related terms and concepts.  Works great as a writing tool, but be aware that students can look up “bad” words.  However, now that I think about it, I did the same thing with the huge paper-based dictionary on the back shelf when I was in 5th grade.

Get your students to TryScience. This site has simulations, games, and teacher resources for sharing science topics with your students.

Add Footnote.com to your list of resources for primary documents. Browse by era or event…there are over 70,000 documents!  Also check out EyeWitness to History, a similar site I ran across this week.

Use Math TV as a extra resource for your students who could stand to see a few more examples…or for parents who can’t quite remember Algebra.

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