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Weekly Web Wonders

Happy Columbus Day…well it’s observed today, but really it’s October 12, but if you’re Canadian you can eat turkey today because it’s your Thanksgiving Day.  Gobble gobble.  There are two specials on tonight, Magnificent Voyage of Christopher Columbus on PBS and Columbus: The Lost Voyage on The History Channel.  Check out the four minute video from the History Channel, The History of Columbus Day.

  • Color in Motion is a fun interactive that explores the uses of color to convey mood and feeling.  Great for Art or Language Arts.
  • At DonorsChoose.org, teachers submit project proposals for materials or experiences their students need to learn.  Philanthropic individuals can then choose projects to fund.  Sign up today!
  • If you’re studying the Nervous System, what better site to visit than Neuroscience for Kids?  Includes activities, lessons, and resources.
  • Visuwords is a visual dictionary and thesaurus tool.  Because of its visual nature, it’s easy for students to see the connections between words and their meanings.
  • Project Learning Tree is an environmental education program that “helps students learn how to think, not what to think, about the environment.”  The site contains lessons and resources on forest ecology, waste management, diversity, energy, and others.